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On diet pills

I’m not feeling well right now. But I need to finish some tasks before I call it a night. I’m trying to do a little research on alli, it’s a diet pill. No, it’s not for me, but who knows I might need to take one for health reasons. I learned that this diet pill helps the person taking them to lose a pound in one month. That’s not bad if you’re not doing anything to get fit like exercise. But if I were to take a diet pill, I need something that would make me lose 5 to 10 pounds right away. I don’t want to wait for months to see if the medication really works. A couple of weeks of waiting will do, but that depends on my metabolism. I haven’t tried any diet pills in the market for fear of side effects although I get too tempted to buy sometimes. I need to hear an expert’s advice before taking anything because I’m not that young anymore to experiment on diet or slimming pills.