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Age with grace: How women cope with symptoms of menopause

She thought it was just the usual stress at home and the load of work at the office, including document scanning that made her quite emotional and melancholic.

Little did Sheila (not her real name), who was 55 years old then, knew that she has entered the stage which is inevitable to women her age – menopause.

Sheila knew she would eventually cross the threshold in life. Fortunately, her being with the health sector somewhat helped her prepare for the life-changing event.

When I entered the menopausal stage, I was never afraid because I knew I will never get pregnant again. I went on with my daily activities. Being with the health sector has taught me to divert my attention to other things instead of focusing on the unpleasant symptoms of menopause,” she shared with Yam’s Files.

Research show that about 90 percent of women in their late 40s will experience symptoms such as mood swings, depression, loss of libido, headaches, tiredness, irritability, loss of concentration and crying spells.

Experts said menopause normally results from the decrease in the ovarian production of estrogen, which is the predominant sex hormone in women.

Fortunately for Sheila, she never experienced the unpleasant symptoms except for the hot flushes, being emotional and fatigue.

She said there are more safer means to maintain one’s youth than taking artificial method (like hormonal replacement therapy) such as good nutrition and exercise.

Sheila who is looking forward to her retirement a few years from now advised women nearing the menopausal phase that life goes on and much to expect for after menopause.