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Music of yesteryear

Music is an integral part of our household. We are no family of singers, but yes we do love music. My husband doesn’t play any instruments but he loves to hear famed artists who strum guitar so well. I love to hear contemporary music, from ballad to rhythm and blues. My kids’ interest in music is just amazing. Imagine they listen intently to songs that were popular when I was a kid. My husband overheard the kids having an argument about the title of the song being played on the radio. As far as hubby’s recollection, the song that was being argued about has become very popular in the 70’s, the era when both mommy and daddy were still playing “taguan-pung” (hide and seek). Hubby can’t help but smile as he hears the conversation.

I wish most of the old songs become available on ipods so the kids of today’s generation will have easy access to the beautiful sounds of yesteryear.