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Business idea for SAHMs: Make your own sweatshirt

In my previous post, I wrote about online jobs and businesses for moms who prefer to stay at home and take care of the kids. One of the small businesses that you can start with a minimal budget is to make your own sweatshirt or personalized sweatshirts. You can start with simple to complicated designs of your choice much better if you can apply your own designs. You can ask from your friends or simply browse the net for design ideas. Look for cheaper but quality fabrics and buy in bulks to save on funds. Create a new Facebook account to promote your new business. You can promote it in your blog if you own one.

Things to consider when you decide to quit your job to be a SAHM/WAHM

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in world so if you finally decided to just stay home and look out for your children, you have to come up with another method of earning some income so here are some factors to consider.
• Choose your field. Know what you are good at and think of how you can use it while you are at home.
• Business. Search business like printing custom t-shirt that doesn’t have huge capitals to invest with but will give you benefits. There are many online jobs to choose from but be aware if it is legitimate or not.
• Time. Pick a job or business that will not consume or needs your full attention in it so you can still take care of the house activities.

Online business

Laptops and cellphones are selling like hotcakes on the Internet. Hubby is convinced that those who engaged in online business are making a killing selling wholesale electronics. He has been visiting online stores every night and amazed at how fast items are sold. It only means that more people who have access to the Internet find it more convenient to shop for brand new and secondhand items online than visit the mall to shop. He observed that some popular electronic items purchased over the Internet are laptop computers, cellphones, and digital cameras.

Hubby is now thinking of promoting his printing services online. He said I can help him promote his sideline through my blogs. He can do layouting, color separation, actual printing, etcetera. Future earnings from this online business will help our family in so many ways. I really hope it materializes.