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Modus Operandi

Ladies, be careful with whom you are dealing with online. Authorities aired the warning after the discovery of rampant drug trade by foreign nationals in the country. How do unscrupulous individuals carry out their hideous scheme here? They use unsuspecting Filipinas as their front. They befriend their potential victims through various online dating sites. Once they earned the person’s trust, they visit them in the Philippines. However, authorities know for a fact that those visits are just mere ploy to do their illegal drug trade here. The poor women, believing in their boyfriend’s promises, fall into the trap as well. They follow whatever their BF instructed them to do like sell and deliver drugs. One piece of advice from authorities, don’t easily trust good-looking guys you meet online, no matter how neat they appear in their Marcus discount medical uniforms. If you suspect that something is not right with your dealings with your boyfriend, inform the authorities immediately.