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Something to Inspire Stay at Home and Work at Home Mommies

One mommy blogger from the online community I am a part of shared a very inspiring story. From the thread, I learned that she was able to buy a second hand car from her earnings from blogging and other online jobs. This mommy really knows how to spend her hard earned money wisely. A lot of mommies including yours truly were really inspired to follow her footsteps. She is such an inspiration to stay at home and work at home mommies who make money from the comfort of their homes.

Having a family car is one of my dreams. But for now, I’m starting to save a little for a netbook.  I’m looking for online store that offers big discount on netbooks. I’ve heard so much about Cyber Monday sales. I wish they have the netbook that I’m looking for…

Owning a netbook is not a top priority though, but somehow it inspires me to work a little harder. How about you, what inspires you to work harder these days? I wish to hear from you and let other mommies know about it. 🙂