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Finding What You Need

Welcome to a world of protective resources where you will find all the necessary equipment needed for a competent job. Set yourself above your peers. Make the world wonder where you got your skills from and enhance your knowledge with the right tools that will make any task easy, fun, and exceptionally noted in its highest degree. That’s what we do for you here at Blauer.

We know exactly what it’s like to be under the pressure of civil service and to have that deep surging desire to serve your countrymen. They need you. We need you. We are also here to help you in that lifelong pursuit of perfection. Like you, we never stop learning. We do this, whether it is enhancing tactical resources or gear that makes working in extreme weather a walking breeze. Think of us as your outfitter for the true commitment of public service. But before we proceed, thank you all for all you have sacrificed. When you haven’t heard those words enough and the hours seem to get longer, just remember that here, you are greatly appreciated.

It is our honor and pride to provide an array of clothing suitable to enhance your experience in the firefighting trade. The work can be gruesome and nothing beats having gear that is reliable and created to last the full length of your career. From protective hoods, fire retardant gloves, and durable fire resistant boots, www.Blauer.com has many fireman clothing available at the quick and easy click of a button. You can check our catalogue and every equipment suitable to the proficient fireman. Grab a new shield for your helmet, or a brand leather helmet itself. There are gloves, jackets, and pants that all meet the national NFPA standard of resistance. Bring to work a feeling of security with our high standard in construction.

But don’t limit your view of what we have available here. If you are volunteering at a firehouse but happen to be a full time police officer, we can still provide you with the reliable service that broadens into both EMS and Police service. Again, we are proud to do so. So take your time and visit here to see more tactical pants and other readily available gear for your full public service outfit.