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It’s been months since my favorite paid post company gave me more than 10 opportunities.The last time I got this number of assignments from them was when my first blog was approved by the kind lady who goes by the moniker Ms. M. Thanks! And if not for my dear marce Peh, I wouldn’t be able to be included in the company’s roster of blogger members. Thanks to you Marce!

I’m overwhelmed by the recent surge of assignments this week that I almost forgot to write about rv insurance quote and how securing one for your mobile home can give you a piece of mind especially when unexpected things happen.

Anyway, I’m still down with 13 more opps. I hope to finish a couple of assignments tonight before I hit the sack. The big-hearted Sheriff might be sending some more opps this weekend so I better hurry up.

A good paying site

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve come to know SocialSpark through my blogger friends. It is one of the paid post companies  recommended by fellow bloggers when you wish to monetize your blog like mine. It will be helpful to moms who enjoy writing as an outlet and reap the benefits of writing as a consequence.
Like the other companies that I know, Social Spark is espousing a set of Code of Ethics for their advertisers and blogger members. It is a standard to follow certain rules that will work for both writers and the company they will write for. These rules include guides on how to write, what not to write about a client. They are also particular about the grammar and spelling of post submitted to them.

Writing for Social Spark is not only rewarding financially, you can also learn so many things about the product and services that you write about. And you get to meet new friends from different places. Isn’t it fun to meet people virtually and share the same interest as yours?

You can visit the site through the links provided in my post and Sign up for SocialSpark to become a member. I’m sure you’ll find it enjoyable to be a Social Spark member.