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Late payment

My daughter said nine of her classmates including herself will not be allowed to take their second periodical exam tomorrow (Oct. 19). The reason, we haven’t paid the monthly tuition on time. I have set aside the payment before my husband left for Gensan for his mother’s funeral two weeks ago, but for some reason I forgot about it and only reminded by my daughter this afternoon.

Why are school officials so strict about payment deadlines? This is not the first time we were late in paying on time and the kids are still allowed to take the test. I wonder what might have caused the change in school policy.

I set aside my research on the most effective diet pills 10K for a while to call the school registrar. I inform the school personnel that we will be paying the tuition first thing in the morning. The lady registrar said they will just inform the class adviser to allow my kids to take the test tomorrow.