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Dolphy’s wake is expected to draw thousands of fans today or whenever the family allows public viewing. The place should be big enough (and might have wet rated outdoor ceiling fans for ventilation) to accommodate the crowd who wish to see the comedy king for the last time.

My late grandmom who was a big Dolphy fan would probably be one of those to visit the wake had she been alive today. But Granny would surely be happy to see him in heaven.


Hubby got home late tonight as he had to do a remat of the paper that will be out tomorrow morning. Being in charge with the preparatory press, he had to take down some news items to accommodate the latest news about the passing of Dolphy or Rodolfo Vera Quizon in real life at about 8pm this evening. He’s looking for some free shipping code before calling it a night when the sad news about the Philippines’ King of Comedy broke out.

Dolphy died at the Makati Medical Center at the age of 83 due to multiple organ failure. He had been confined at the hospital for over a month now due to pneumonia and other diseases.

Dolphy has brought laughter to every Filipino household for more than 60 years.

Thank you for the laughter Mang Dolphy. We will never forget you!