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Stay cool, safe, and visible with Blauer

police-shirtThe clothing and gear that people in law enforcement are given is usually quite nice. However, when the time comes to replace the clothing or get new types it is a thing that can be quite expensive depending on the state of the economy, the budget of a department, or the amount of money that a department is willing to shell out to make a person look and feel better. However, this is no longer a problem with great companies such as the ones on the internet to help out. A great thing about the internet is that you can buy shirts far ahead of when you will need them, usually for a great price with free shipping, and then simply wait until the time comes to upgrade to wear them. This saves your police force money and helps them to feel as if they aren’t relying on their boss to provide all their clothing.

Blauer features many great law enforcement shirts that people might be interested in that do not really fall into the category of professional. These shirts are made with the same quality that you’ve come to expect, but they have interesting decals and pictures on them that make them fun to wear. These are great for wearing in the office, at a meeting, or perhaps even when you are out on your own time but still want to represent what you do for a living. All of these graphic tees run at around 20 dollars and can qualify for free shipping. They are made in a way that keeps you cool by wicking sweat away from the skin, but also give you a wider range of motion around the shoulders for those times you might need to reach or stretch. These great shirts feature pictures like Skull and Shield, Tribal Shield, Armorskin, and Fire Helmet and come with the logo of the company on the shirt as well.

However, for a person wanting to look a bit more professional the police polo shirts are better, and you can chcek them out here. There are types of polo shirts for many situations available. One of the nicer types of polo shirts is the long sleeve or short sleeve HI-VIS shirts. These shirts feature the bright green color associated with safety and have silver bands around the arms and chest to reflect incoming light. Another great shirt is the Zipper Bicomponent Polo Shirt. This shirt features extra long tails in the back so that it can stay tucked in, eyelets for a badge, a traditional military stitching for creases, and a comfortable cotton blend on the inside with a tough and durable polyester blend on the outside. This shirt helps keep you cool at the same time as keeping you dry.