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P-Noy made it on time (this time)

I heard on the news that P-Noy made it on time to the Malacanang Palace today. He kept his promise not to be late when he came in 30 minutes late for the AFP Command-Change Ceremony last week. He said it would be the first and (hopefully) the last time that he would be late for an important occasion. He even said sorry for the inconvenience. He arrived late because he got stuck in traffic. He would have prevented being late had he allowed his convoy to use police siren or “wang-wang”. However, P-Noy is very much against using siren (one of the highlights of his inaugural speech) if not for emergency purposes like disaster or man-made calamity. Do you think P-Noy is doing the right thing by setting a good example to the Filipino people? I heard some responsible car owners took upon themselves to remove the siren from their vehicle.