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Printing jobs abound this election season

Election time once again and printing businesses are making a killing printing campaign materials. However, this also means overhead cost for printers who are still engaged in the traditional way of printing. It’s a good thing there are Web To Print Solutions available in the market today that will surely reduce overhead costs. So for printers out there check out this software to enhance your business at lesser expense.

Printing business needs

I’ve mentioned about hubby’s plan to accept printing job in our place.  I think it’s best if we operate now and let the clients spread the word about the services we offer. It will be helpful too if we disseminate leaflets around. We don’t have big machines or high end tm-t88iv for the large and special printing needs, hubby will have these orders run by a printing company owned by his friend. For now, we will be using our desktop and laptop and our not-so new printer for the small printing orders. I hope our plans will materialize soon. We really need an additional fund for the construction of our new gate. The old one was destroyed by the strong wind brought by typhoon Basyang when it directly hit Metro Manila Tuesday night.

Business opportunity

Hubby is thinking of putting up a signage outside our home to promote printing services at affordable fee. Hubby can do some layout designs for newspaper, school organ, community paper, tarpaulin, custom business cards, stickers, school identification card, among other things. We have been planning for this business two years ago to augment our family income. He said there are small businesses in our area that could be our potential clients. Hubby offers a friendly price (presyong kaibigan). There were occasions when he refused payments for two small banner designs for our neighbors’ pushcart business and barbershop. Both businesses were just starting so he just gave the banners for free. In return, the pushcart owner gave hubby free sample of the foodstuff he is selling. The barbershop owner, on the other hand, provides a one-time free haircut for hubby and our son.