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What You Need To Know About Real Estate Lawyers

Chances are that if you are involved in a complex real estate deal, you will be advised to see the advice of an attorney in that area of practice. Real estate lawyers can help you navigate short sales and foreclosures and may be required for any property transaction in some states.

What Does Real Estate Law Cover?

Real estate legal services Shelby Township MI firms cover areas such as the purchase and sale of land with structures on it. Many firms will also cover areas like estate planning and administration as well as business law, so you can have one firm for multiple needs. Real estate law covers deeds, estate planning, zoning as well as property taxes, and titles. So your attorney will be concerned with the details involved in the sale as well as property use and government laws and regulations surrounding the property.

What Are the Qualifications for a Real Estate Attorney?

You can be confident that a certified attorney for real estate law has a law degree, which is three years of study after a bachelor’s, and has passed the state bar exam to practice. This means that he or she has studied relevant case law. Qualifications do not equal experience, however, so you will want to look at how long the firm has been in business as well as how many years your attorney has handled this type of law before retaining a lawyer. You can find this information on the firm’s website and even read third-party reviews and testimonials to find the right attorney for your real estate needs.

Some states require the presence of a real estate lawyer for property transactions and some complex real estate deals are eased by an attorney helping with the process. To find the right one, you need to know what is covered by real estate law, what the qualifications are for an attorney and how much experience different firms and lawyers have.