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Helpful Tips for the Rainy Days


A devastating scene caused by Typhoon Ondoy in 2009.

This is a repost.

Tips to observe with (or without) an impending typhoon.

  1. Dispose your garbage properly so it won’t clog the drainage and become the source of infection.
  2. Make sure that power lines are stable or firmly connected; shut down the main power if necessary.
  3. Boil your drinking water for two minutes or more; save sterilized water.
  4. Store foods that are not easy to perish.
  5. Complete vaccination for children.
  6. Prepare a *72-hour emergency kit.

In the event of an evacuation:

  1. Listen only to reports and reminders coming from the proper authorities.
  2. Calmly follow all the reminders during evacuation.
  3. Be careful not to step on open manholes and street gutter.
  4. Avoid the path near or leading to the river.
  5. Using a rope, head to the part where the current is coming from. Never loose your grip on the rope.

*The disaster preparedness kit should last for 72 hours or dubbed as “golden hours” by the Office of Civil Defense.

72 hours is the maximum period for disaster victims to wait for rescuers to come to their aid.

The kit should contain:

  1. Dry clothes
  2. Non-perishable goods
  3. Food for children
  4. Important documents
  5. Medicine
  6. Flash lights
  7. Batteries and
  8. Radios



The weather condition is so unpredictable these days.We have an extremely humid weather in the early part of the day and then it will rain hard in the afternoon or at night? The sudden weather change gives me headache. I can’t move or do anything inside the house when my head is throbbing. I need more air in order to breathe properly. Sometimes the air coming from the stand fan is not enough to cool me down. I wish we have a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are 4 degrees cooler than stand fan and desk fan and they distribute the air evenly like an AC or air conditioner. Talking about benefits, ceiling fans are space saver and consume less energy. Now, we have another appliance to include in the list of future things to buy.