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When the happy-ever-after becomes a not-so-happy ending

Back in the days people stick to their wedding vows and stay in the sanctity of their marriage against all odds. After women’s liberation and the new age, people’s idea of marriage and life, in general, made a 360-turn, and subjects which used to be taboo where suddenly discussed in public. Nowadays, people are either filing for divorce here and there or seeking the services of the best Divorce Lawyer Fairfax can offer. Divorce can be ugly and will leave a lot of broken hearts and lives in its wake, with little children as casualties. No one would probably dream of being in this situation, but sometimes it may very well be the next best thing to do. It can actually be quite a pendulum that swings both ways. Either way, you have to seek the Divorce Lawyer Prince William will seek himself, if he ever finds himself in this predicament, to be sure the judge rules to your side. It might not ease the pain, but a positive decision in your favor can really work wonders.

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Relationships Gone Bad

I recently read two interesting stories about two relationships that gone sour. The stories center on two married women who have to endure everything just to keep their marriage work. The first woman hold on to her marriage despite living with a philandering husband, the other woman (wife) decided to leave their nest and move on without her husband. How could a man profess to love a woman for life and give her expensive diamond stud earrings and then years later dump her and all the good years they’ve been through just because he found someone young and exciting.

Despite what these women went through their stories did not end in tragedy as both women chose to live a new life with their children.