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Just enjoying the day


The DVD movie and cap from Max’s

I was able to find time to relax on my birthday (despite the loads of clothes to wash). We didn’t go out we just ordered lunch from our favorite restaurant and watch the free DVD movie that was sent to me by the friendly staff of Max’s. It was a Coco Martin starer with Angeline Quinto as his leading lady. I’m just enjoying myself and free my mind of worries for a moment while lounging on the couch with foam cushion. Ah life, I wish to have more me time like this.

Finally it’s over

It’s been a week since we submitted the last file from the third batch of project entrusted to us by our project manager. Hubby and I can heave a sigh of relief now that it’s over. We can sleep as long as we want on weekends without having to worry about deadlines. Haha! Wish we have a pool or a patio where I can lay and relax my aching back on big outdoor pillows. I want to experience a life like that even for a while. 😀