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Remembering an officemate

A few days before her death, I was talking to my former officemate over the phone inquiring about money matters. We are not close friends, but we share the same sentiments (as with our former officemates) regarding the non-payment of some of our benefits. A few days after that phone conversation, hubby informed me about her untimely demise. She was said to be hit by a motorcycle on her way to the office. I felt sad for her and her family who rely on her for support. The lady could have lived longer if not for the irresponsible motorcycle rider. I heard that her family received an amount from the company she had served for many years.

Accidents happen when you least expect them

This is same reason why I don’t allow my husband to drive his motorbike in going to work. We know how dangerous it is for motorbike users to travel the highways and main thoroughfares. How many lives have been wasted and families left grieving over the lost of loved ones due to vehicular accidents involving motorbikes, countless, right? We are not even sure if those fatalities have been covered by certain insurance companies or if they have applied for an insurance policy when they are still alive. I think it’s really necessary for vehicle owners to look for the best car/motorbike insurance quotes that would assist them or their family in times of great need.