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Say no to smoking

I have two growing kids. We often tell them that smoking is bad for the health so we are confident that they will be able to handle peer pressure in the future.

Kids imitate what they saw from adults. My kids didn’t actually saw their Dad puffing padron cigar before. Good thing my husband quit smoking when my daughter was still very young. If not for the smoker’s cough and my constant nagging reminder, my husband would not have stopped smoking. I’m glad he listened.

Of allergies and second hand smoke

My children used to be sickly babies. They were often afflicted with cough and cold, bronchitis and asthma; sometimes they were treated for primary complex or Pulmonary Tuberculosis in children. The most frequent causes of their sickness were cigarette smoke (passive smoke from the neighbor), dust and other allergy-causing air pollutants. Aside from the medicine prescribed by our pediatrician, someone also suggested that we consulted an acupuncture specialist. Acupuncture therapy is said to help strengthen the immunity of kids.

By the way, would you know which is more harmful to (smoker’s) health, cigar or cigarettes?