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Simbang Gabi

In a little while, millions of people will flock to the church to hear the traditional Simbang Gabi or Mass at Dawn.

Simbang Gabi is a nine-day novena to the Blessed Mother that begins every December 16 until the 24th or Christmas Eve. Misa de Gallo is a tradition observed since time immemorial to mark the birth of Jesus Christ.

People will wake up early to catch the 4 a.m. mass. So while everyone’s away leaving our homes empty or with some family members still sleeping soundly, we can exercise safety measures to avoid burglary.

When you leave home be sure to keep all doors and windows locked even if you are just going out for a minute. It’s better if you have dead-bolt locks and sturdy hinge spring and home alarm system installed to monitor burglary, fire, or medical emergencies. We can also leave outside lights on or have outside lights controlled by a motion detector. Better be safe than sorry.