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NCRPO: Crime Prevention Tips During the Holy Week and Summer Vacation

Travel Security

  • Plan your trip and identify your primary and alternate routes.
  • Prepare your vehicles and inspect B.L.O.W.B.A.G.A.R. or brake/lights/oil/water/battery/air/gas/accessories/registration.
  • Bring your ID cards.
  • When traveling, lock vehicle doors and use seatbelts.
  • Communicate regularly your status and location to person/s you trust.

Home/Office Security

  • Check all doors, locks, bolts and window grills.
  • Use perimeter security lighting, make sure you do not use incandescent bulbs to avoid fire incident.
  • Unplug all appliances.
  • Use electronic security alarm system if possible.
  • Alert your neighborhood watch group to monitor your house while away on a trip.

Pedestrian Security

  • Secure your valuables, avoid displaying them in public.
  • Keep your bags/purse/cellphones close to your body.
  • Prepare loose change/coins, keep your money in two or three pockets.
  • Walk away from the curbside and opposite the direction of motor traffic.

Do not fall prey to criminals.  Report a crime

to PDir Alan Purisima at NCRPO SMS Center cellphone nos. 0999.901.8181 at 0915.888.8181.

Source:  www.ncrpo.org

Summer activities

Are you planning an out-of-town adventure this summer, but afraid you might run out of budget? There are so many activities that you and your family can enjoy within your budget. If you want swimming, look for the nearest and budget-friendly swimming pool in your area. Make sure that there’s an ample space if you want to have a picnic near the pool area. Ensure the availability of some safety equipment just in case an accident happens. If you can check, see if they use pentair pool pumps to clean the pool water.

If you don’t prefer swimming, you can also visit the zoo, amusement park, and museum. If you want to have an indoor activity this summer, you can try craft or needlework project. You can also enroll your kids to summer art class. They would surely enjoy it as it boosts creativity.

Ready to hit the road

Before you hit the road for the much awaited summer vacation, make sure to check your vehicle well and bring a repair kit with you. Most importantly, never never attempt to drive when drunk, better yet, don’t drink at all to avoid accidents.

Road accidents are inevitable so if you are going on a travel, secure your health card, insurance data and your social security number in a safe place that only you and your family members have access to just in case someone will need it to avail social security benefits.