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Safe Gifts for Kids

safe gift

You cannot go wrong with toys if your recipients are mostly young kids. Toys remain the most popular Christmas gifts, however, there are several things to consider when buying toys for children. It isn’t just the color or physical make up of toys or design of iphone 3g cases, but make sure toys are age proper or suitable for the kids’ physical and social development.

Characteristics of a good toy:
1. It should suit the child’s physical capabilities, mental and social development;
2. It should appeal to the child; and
3. It should be well constructed, durable and safe for the child’s age.

Dos and Don’ts in Toy Safety:
1. Check labels on the packaging and observe precautions appearing in the labels to ensure the safety of the child;
2. Ensure that the child will play with a toy suited for his age under adult supervision;
3. Dispose plastic packaging accordingly. Keep it out of reach of children;
4. For children under age three (3), do not buy the following toys:

• balls with a diameter of 1.75 inches or less so as to prevent choking;
• that easily breaks into small parts or pieces (glass or brittle plastics);
• containing small detachable parts or pieces which could become lodged in the throat;
• with sharp points and edges;
• with electrical parts, unless supervised by an adult;
• with parts that could pinch or entrap fingers, toes or hair;
• with parts put together by straight pins, sharp wires or nails that are exposed and easily detached.

Note: Safety information issued by the Bureau of Health Devices and Technology (BHDT)-Department of Health.

Image courtesy of Sicha Pongjivanich at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Disadvantages of Internet and video games to kids

Kids nowadays prefer to spend so much time playing games online than play with toys or the traditional games such as hide and seek or tag game. You rarely see them running or play around in the neighborhood even on weekends. You can find them loitering in Internet shops or are hook on video games at home. Internet and video games are suppose to provide entertainment, music affiliate, and relaxation to kids as an after-school activity. However, they give more time to virtual games than attending their classes or finish their homework. Addiction is apparent when they start to miss regular meals, neglect personal hygiene (like take a shower or brush their teeth) or skip school just to play video or Internet games.  Image source: Internet