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Old man driving

I can still recall how my former boss drove his black Ford Expedition during the campaign trail of his son, who is now serving as congressman of their province. My friend and I were covering the election sortie in a barangay in Tacloban and the old man was leading the convoy on our way to the remote area. I was apprehensive because at his age (more than 70 years old during that time), he was still driving and mind you he’s not just driving casually, he drives really fast and overtakes other cars. I was praying he would slow down a bit. Not even his son can advise the old man to take it slow. Accidents happen when you least expect them. Fortunately nothing bad happened to the convoy. As for roadside assistance, we were lucky we don’t need to hire one because we have a back up team to assist us…

The old man now is too old to drive a car and is said to be wheelchair bound because of sickness.