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Choosing the Right Diamond Cut

It has been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are sparkly and can command attention from different people whether you like it or not. One of the reasons why a lot of women like diamonds are probably because of the fact that diamonds is considered to be a very hard rock to retrieve. It takes years before diamonds can be found. It is even harder to mine than gold and this makes a lot of diamonds even pricier.

When men give women diamonds, it is like they are trying to convey the message that women are like diamonds. They are precious and hard to find but once they are found, they should be kept for a good, long while. Women would just love to feel wanted and loved and receiving diamonds from their loved ones seals the deal.

The great thing about diamonds is that there are different shapes to choose from. When you are going to give someone the perfect diamond from Tacori engagement rings, you have to think about what the person likes so that everything will be perfect.

Different Diamond Cuts to Choose From

  • Round – This is probably the most common diamond shape. It is considered to be a classic and this means that it can last for a long period of time. It is one of the bestselling diamond shapes because you can never go wrong with a round diamond cut.
  • Oval – This is the cut that you should purchase if you think that the round shape is already too common. While it may look a bit similar the little difference can still be apparent.
  • Pear – This is sometimes referred to as the tear drop shape because it looks like a tear drop. Its pointed end can be a winner and can be well liked by a lot of women.
  • Heart – This is sometimes considered to be the most romantic shape out of all the shapes available although some people may find this a bit too cheesy. If the one you are planning to give a diamond to is not that romantic, this might be a bad choice.
  • Marquise – This is the choice of a lot of people who would like their diamond to look elegant and at the same time look great with their fingers. The Marquise shape is known to make the finger look longer.
  • Princess – This is another popular choice when it comes to the diamond cuts. It is a bit square and this can bring sharp edges that will look great when you put it on a ring. Some feel that it is a bit too strong though.

Do remember that if you are choosing a diamond for yourself, it is okay to be meticulous in choosing because you have the option to choose the one that will fit you best but if the diamond is given to you by someone else, will it matter as much? Most of the time, diamonds that have been given are considered to be more precious because of the thought and the emotions that come with it. Giving someone diamonds can be tricky but remember that no matter what the shape is, it is still a diamond and it will be loved and passed on in the following years.

This website might be helpful if you want to know more about the type of diamonds to choose from.

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