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“Unthinkable” is the latest movie that hubby and I watched over the weekend. It’s a psychological thriller film that caused my chest to feel heavy!

Synopsis: The story of a white american muslim, who claims to have planted three nuclear bombs in large cities of the US, threatening to kill millions. He is interrogated and tortured by an ‘agent’ who uses every possible mean to crack him into revealing the location of the bombs. It’s a hard and brutal ‘game’, which challenges ever possible definition of right and wrong, as well as lawful versus criminal behaviours: how far would you go, based on a 1% chance the the bombs really exist and may kills millions, to protect those? And when even the most brutal acts of torture don’t break your subject, what becomes the next ‘unthinkable’ boundary of human decency, which marks the difference between the terrorists and the order? Where do you stop? The movie goes really far in asking these questions and – correctly – leaves the answers to each viewer for him/herself.

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