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Wedding anniversary gift ideas

In a few weeks you and your better half will be celebrating your fifth wedding anniversary. You are getting dizzy thinking of so many things to do in so little time. Will you be pursuing the romantic dinner you reserved at your favorite resto or the over-night stay at your favorite hotel that you have planned earlier?

Whatever your plans will be on that important occasion, I’m sure you will also prepare something special for him like a new shirt, gadget and whatnot.

But if you are thinking of giving your special someone the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, whether you are celebrating your first or your 50th, you can refer to the complete gift lists below.

I remember giving my husband a wooden photo frame on our fifth wedding anniversary. The photo frame is displayed atop our entertainment rack. It has witnessed many unforgettable and happy moments of our lives together. The old photo frame is still on the same spot when we celebrated our 14 years of marriage…and counting.