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What to Remember When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is a monumental and overwhelming task at times. Much like we see happen with planning for holidays but on a much smaller scale, planning a wedding can be so exhausting and chaotic that the bride and groom can lose sight of the beauty and meaning of the event itself.

Here are a few things to remember when planning a wedding that may help you to arrive at your big day with a greater sense of what matters most – the two of you!

Make a list!

Obvious – we know, but you cannot imagine how many times people search for complex solutions when simple, easy and free options are passed over as too simple.

In making your list, assign priority to each item.

Being realistic about what actually can be accomplished is helpful and tackling the essential items first will ensure that any “stragglers” on the list are items that will not spoil your day if they absolutely can’t be completed in time.

Don’t wait on the crucial and time sensitive items

Engagement rings are usually  purchased right in the beginning of this journey, but we see lots and lots of couples waiting till the last moment to order wedding bands. Remember that bridal jewelry can take time to create, and custom rings or less common items such as platinum wedding bands can take longer than the standard couple of weeks to create.  You’ll also want to try the rings on in plenty of time to correct sizing issues if there are any.

Know that while your family and friends certainly mean well, this is your big day and all of the decisions are ultimately yours to make. It may seem easier to give in to the ideas and demands of others, however, doing so when you feel strongly about the idea or situation can make you feel frazzled and resentful.  Choose your battles wisely, but know that if an issue is important to you, it’s OK to put your foot down.

Start your planning and preparations in plenty of time to be systematic about each task

Procrastination is a huge source of stress and pressure, so avoid it at all costs!

Breathe!!  It is a huge day, but it is just one day.  The details are all just icing on the true cake – your love being celebrated by the two of you, the officiant of your choice and all of the people you love the most is the important thing.

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Adding Sparkle to Your Wedding Is Easier than You Think

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Every bride wants to make her wedding unique and special, but many brides assume, incorrectly, that memorable and personal details will cost an arm and a leg. In fact, even the most frugal brides can use affordable elements like rhinestone trim for wedding decor that is stunning and elegant.

If you have your heart set on a designer wedding cake but are balking at the price, consider purchasing your own cake decorations. Ribbons of rhinestones can be placed around cake tiers to transform a plain cake into a sparkling centerpiece. You can purchase cake trim on your own for a fraction of what a baker or professional cake decorator would charge. However, professionals might charge extra to apply the trim, so be sure to ask if there are extra fees for using materials that you supply.

If you are comfortable with some work, you can apply the trim yourself. Don’t worry if you’re not a baker, this trim is so easy to put on cake that anyone can do it. If you have a cake that is frosted with buttercream, the ribbon will easily stick to the frosting, but the surface will also scratch and show errors very easily. If your cake is covered in fondant, all you have to do is brush a small amount of water around the cake where you want to place the trim. Then gently arrange the trim and lightly press it against the cake. The water will hold it in place until you’re ready to cut the cake. Remember that this trim can be fairly heavy because of all the crystals, so arrange it along the bottom of each tier so that it rests against the tier below for extra support.

Don’t feel that rhinestone ribbons can only be used on your cake. Glue lengths around votive candle holders for sparkling table centerpieces that match your cake. You can also glue short lengths of rhinestone ribbon into rings to hold napkins or silverware. By using the same basic element throughout different wedding elements, your decorations will seem more polished and coordinated.

If you’re looking for an affordable source of high-quality rhinestone ribbon, check out Wedded Glitz. We sell it by the foot or by the roll, so you won’t come up short when you start to put together your decorations. We also stock different widths and colors so that you can be sure to find the right trim for your personal wedding style.

Wedding anniversary gift ideas

In a few weeks you and your better half will be celebrating your fifth wedding anniversary. You are getting dizzy thinking of so many things to do in so little time. Will you be pursuing the romantic dinner you reserved at your favorite resto or the over-night stay at your favorite hotel that you have planned earlier?

Whatever your plans will be on that important occasion, I’m sure you will also prepare something special for him like a new shirt, gadget and whatnot.

But if you are thinking of giving your special someone the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, whether you are celebrating your first or your 50th, you can refer to the complete gift lists below.

I remember giving my husband a wooden photo frame on our fifth wedding anniversary. The photo frame is displayed atop our entertainment rack. It has witnessed many unforgettable and happy moments of our lives together. The old photo frame is still on the same spot when we celebrated our 14 years of marriage…and counting.