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5 Surprising Facts About Parole

The criminal justice system is not as straightforward as you may think. Though you may believe you understand parole and its implications, you may be surprised by these five surprising facts.

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Prisoners Lose Rights

In every other part of the criminal system, the accused, convicted, and imprisoned have legal rights that are defined by the law. That is not the case in a parole hearing. That is why it is so important to hire a parole lawyer in Harris County TX, before meeting with the board for a parole review.

Parole Board Members

Many parole board members have no experience with the criminal justice system. In fact, in many states, there are requirements on education that suggests the candidate have a bachelor’s degree. If someone obtains a degree in wildlife conservation or creative writing, they can become a member of a parole board and decide the fate of inmates.

Life Isn’t Life

Everyone that is eligible for parole unless they are sentenced to life without parole. That means someone serving life can often go before the parole board in as little as 15 years.

Prisoner Expectations Missing

Once parole has been denied by the board, the prisoner is often left wondering how they can change their behavior to warrant a release. The problem is that conditions are often general, and the same individuals will probably not be part of the parole board the next time the inmate is available for a hearing.

Hefty Case Load

A parole board must often make decisions based on the prisoner’s file and in-house record. The panel often has as many as 35 decisions to make per day, and that must include reviewing the file, meeting several convicts, and making a decision.

The way the parole system works is defined by each state and can be very confusing. It is no wonder the five simple facts about parole listed above are surprising.