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Missing Salt’s special screening

I feel bad for not heeding to my kids’ request to watch the special screening of “Salt” the other night. We had an invitation from Nuffnang to watch the Angelina Jolie starer, but decided not to go for a number of good reasons. One of them was that the place which is in Greenbelt, Makati is quite far from our place and the schedule of screening is late for the kids who still have classes the following day. Second, I still have cough and doesn’t feel good. I feel like having a cough attack anytime and that would be embarrassing. Other than missing the movie, I also lost the chance of meeting some of our blogger friends who were also invited to the event. Anyway, I was able to complete some assignments that night like looking for wii accessories that I might include in the list of possible things to buy in the near future. I can’t believe I missed Salt. Sigh.