Tips for Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury law is a type of civil law. These cases involve a plaintiff who has experienced harm, in this case an injury to their bodies, that is caused by the negligence or purposeful actions of the defendant. Although the plaintiff is typically an individual person, the defendant can be a person or business. Don’t just search “personal injury law Birmingham AL,” get the best lawyer for your case.

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Your Responsibility

You are responsible for getting all your paperwork together, including medical bills, pay stubs to prove loss of wages and your story about what happened. If you know any of the accident’s witnesses, you may also get their contact information.


You can ask your friends, family members, coworkers and other business associates about their experiences with personal injury attorneys. Then, do some research. Contact the state bar to determine whether the attorneys’ licenses are up to date. You can also contact the local chamber of commerce and Better Business Bureau to find their rating and outstanding complaints. You may also read online reviews and testimonials.


Contact the attorney. You want to know the length of time your attorney has practiced personal injury law. You may also ask how long the attorneys have been with their firms and where else they have practiced.

Personal injury attorneys typically have a specialization. They focus on one part of personal injury law, such as truck accidents or medical malpractice. Make sure your attorney has experience in cases with similar circumstances.

Discuss any legal fees and the legal process. Also, ask about their team and available resources. Your prospects should also review and assess your case. Ask for and check their references.


Ambulance chasers solicit cases from those who have been injured in some type of accident. Although this practice is banned in some jurisdictions, some lawyers still try to take advantage of injured individuals. These lawyers typically have a poor reputation even if they win the majority of their cases.

If you have been injured and seek restitution, be sure to hire the best attorney.

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