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You’ll love the www.shop.flightclothingboutique.com, and you‘ll especially love the jack clothing line. This is a fashion boutique that is definitely a cut above the rest. The clothing and accessories and unique and fun, with a flair for fashion and elegance as well. One of the popular brands you will find here is the Jack line. The Jack Alven jacket is a must have for any trendy wardrobe. This wool jacket looks great and feels great. It’s a large houndstooth print that is always in good taste. The jacket is double breasted with the outside buttons off center on the right.

The deep collar folds down to form and interesting neckline. Wear this jacket with skinny jeans or leggings and high topped leather boots for a look that will turn heads.

Another popular Jack item is the Jack Damien leopard jacket. This fun and sexy jacket is made of faux leopard fur to keep you warm in the coldest of temperatures. The short length gives the jacket that young, stylish look.

This clothing line is another popular line that always a step ahead of the competition. The Insight beanpole jeans give new meaning to the skinny jeans of today. The fabric is a dark denim that stretches and hugs to the contours of the body for that slenderizing look. These jeans are easy to care for, wash and wear. Once you buy a pair of the Insight beanpole jeans, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them. Visit our store to see more of these chic clothes on the Insight clothing.

Other fun Insight clothes include the third wheel dress and camisole. This cute dress and darling camisole get their names from the third tier of these ruffled items. The dress comes in a dark emerald color that is so flattering on everyone. The camisole is in a more demure watermelon color.

The Insight Corner Men dress is aptly named with its delicate print in soft pastel colors. This seemingly plain little shift dress sports an open back that is sure to catch the eyes of interested on-lookers. The waist is just a little higher than normal, giving this shift a young and alluring look.

Let’s talk about one more Insight style, the Belle Jacket. This trim jacket looks equally well buttoned or un-buttoned. It’s like the popular denim jacket, but not quite. The Belle has a look all its own. Wear it confidently.

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