When A Fairy Visits Yam’s File

It’s a bit late and I was planning to sleep when I thought of checking my email. You know, files, events and what not. I just want to make sure I did not miss any on my inbox. Lo and behold! An email that made me awake the whole night! Fairy Hobmother is coming over here! He will be visiting my blog! I am so happy for the news. You know, there is so many good things that has been said about the He fairy. I heard from my blogging friends that when he visits a blog, he make sure that the blogger is happy. He surprises them with lots of  gifts. And so when I saw his name on my inbox, I was happy! No, I was ecstatic!

That’s Fairy Hobmother! You can Follow The Fairy Hobmother on Twitter and let him know that you want him to visit your blog too or you can leave a comment after this post. 🙂

Hmm.. now I can’t decide what to buy for the gift he would give me, a washing machine is a good idea, but I need some pans and some stuff for my kids. I hope I can buy all those.


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