When duty calls

Just how prepared are you when sickness or even death strikes? Nobody can say one is prepared to face death, not even those whose calling is to maintain peace and order in the community.

But term life quotes can be of help when tragedy befalls the family. Insurance benefits of those who died support the financial needs of surviving family members.

Such was the case with the three policemen who died while performing their job. Their names will be forever etched not only in the memorial but also in the hearts and minds of their fellow policemen.

The first policeman, who was awaiting his promotion, died when he tried to restore order in a melee in Manila. The second policeman was shot while conducting a roundup of suspected criminals in a slum area in Manila. The third policeman died when he put up a fight with one of the six holdupmen inside a bus.

The policemen were recognized for their heroic deed.

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