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The Philippine National Police has issued anti-theft tips designed to prevent students and the rest of the public from falling prey to thieves in busy streets now that regular school has resumed nationwide.

Cell Phone Theft Prevention:


  • Buy cell phones only from authorized dealers.
  • Record your cell phone serial numbers immediately after purchase.
  • Always place your cell phone in your pocket or bag where it is not visible.
  • Set your cell phone in silent mode when you are in public places and inside public vehicles.
  • While outside, go to a place where you are more secured.
  • Always walk in well-lit places; when walking alone, be on guard for persons following you-walk towards areas where there are people in case you might need help.
  • Keep your bag with your cell phone inside close to your body;
  • When inside public vehicles, be alert for snatchers; be suspicious of passengers who come in threes or fours and who position themselves behind/beside the driver, near the door and one posing as among the passengers since this is typical of a ‘Laglag-Barya’ group operation or a modus operandi of notorious jeepney or bus thieves and pickpockets.
  • If you fall victim to snatchers, report the incident to the police and call your cell phone providers immediately about the lost gadget.
  • Always cooperate with the police and barangay authorities.
  • When buying a pre-owned or second-hand mobile phone, ask for the complete kit and receipt of the previous owner. This will prevent you from buying a stolen item and worst, end up in trouble with the law for being a ‘fence.’


  • When in public places, refrain from displaying your mobile phone unnecessarily since they always attract the attention of thieves.
  • Never lend your cell phone to strangers who may approach you to make emergency calls.
  • Do not resist holdup men or snatchers. Do not panic. Follow their instructions and remain calm enough to remember their description and the directions they took in escaping.
  • When inside establishments, do not leave your cell phone lying around a table, on top of a cabinet or even on a chair beside you since you may end up being victimized by slippery ‘Salisi Gang’ members who are mostly posing as customers too and will make all effort to distract your attention.
  • When paying purchased items in stores or supermarkets, do not leave your mobile phone on the country. Place it in your bag or pocket.

Source: People’s Tonight, People’s Journal