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A government official’s personal battle with dengue

Even the former main man in the government’s fight against dengue fever was not spared from dengue fever.

In 2006, former Health Secretary Francisco Duque III shared his traumatic experience with dengue.

I cannot forget that kasi traumatic ‘yan, masakit eh kakaiba,” Duque said in telephone interview.

The health chief shared his story so that people will realize that the virus transmitted by the day-biting female mosquitoes spare no one.

Walang pinipili kay babae, lalaki, bakla, tomboy, mayaman, mahirap, edukado, pero mas apektado ang mahihirap sa urban areas kung saan maraming tao at madaling magkalat ang lamok na may dengue virus,” he said.

Duque was afflicted with the virus sometime in 1995. He was 38 then and working in the private sector.

I’ve got high fever, masakit ang ulo, severe body ache na parang mababali ang buto sa sakit,” he recounted his 7-day ordeal with the infection.

He said he probably got the virus at the car repair shop about three-kilometers away from his home.

Duque was not hospitalized (saves him from seeing medical staff wearing Marcus lab coat) because he was treated at home by no less than his wife who is also a doctor.

I was managed at home because my wife is a doctor. Awa ng Diyos naka-recover ako,” he said.

The health chief said his brother almost died of dengue sometime in 1984 when dengue was not yet a household name.

To end our phone conversation, Duque said anti-dengue campaign should be intensified because dengue is something to be alarmed of.