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Yes to a community fireworks display

I hope the health department will gain public support in its quest to push for the banning on individual use of fireworks/firecrackers as it push for a community display of fireworks to bring down the number of fireworks/firecrackers related incidents and casualties.

This means that LGUs should identify safe areas for community fireworks display and that with the imposition of the ban, only certain accredited organizations will be allowed to purchase these fireworks. This will further encourage development of legitimate firework manufacturers while discouraging fly-by-night manufacturers.

Health Secretary Enrique Ona explained that that the proposed ban will be a win-win solution because it will not result in the displacement of people in the fireworks industry and at the same time reduce preventable injuries due to fireworks/firecracker use. This option will be further discussed during consultations after the holidays.

Also, the DOH is urging church leaders to encourage their parishioners not to use fireworks/firecrackers in welcoming the New Year.

“There are more ways to be happy in welcoming the New Year. An injury in the family will not make our New Year happier,” Ona said.

Should a referendum be conducted today to support the community fireworks display, will you vote YES?

Source: DOH Press Release

Welcome 2012 with a Bang!

You can enjoy the loudest bang of a firecracker to welcome the New Year without spending a centavo or putting yourselves in danger due to firecracker explosion.

Yes, this is possible through the world’s safest firecracker in the world. This was just launched by the Department of Health. It’s for free so you don’t need to pay for it with any type of ach payment to enjoy the loud bang of a firecracker minus the risk of getting burn caused by accidental explosion.

It’s just you and your SFX or sound effects of the safest firecracker experience. You can choose the sound of an exploding Super Lolo or listen to the sound of the fireworks symphony as you celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Go visit doh.gov.ph to see what I’m talking about or you can simply check  safestfirecracker.com. Have fun and welcome the New Year safely.