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A Christmas Thought

The joy of childhood comes but once but its memories linger through a lifetime. When Christmas comes one could only reminisce the feelings yet it revitalizes one’s spirit and rekindle the warmth of love and giving – the true essence of the holidays. It is love that brings life and it is in giving life that humanity is saved.

A blessed Thursday to all, may each gets to feel that of being a child – and feel the blessings and grace of the Father Almighty. ~~~ A friend from PAFPI

Spirit of sharing

Many of us find the holiday season an opportune time to share the blessings that we received for the past year. If we don’t have brand new stuff or extra money to share, maybe we can find some old but still useful items inside our cabinet. You may have an old Fendi bag or clothes or shoes that no longer fit which you can let go so that our not so fortunate brothers and sisters can benefit from them. You know it’s not the price or the brand of the gift that counts, it’s the spirit of sharing that matters.