Home Improvement Getting Organized

Whether you’ve been in your home for 25 years or just moved in last week, there are likely some things you want to change about it. Here are some thoughts to help you stay organized and make the process easier.

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Decide What You Want Done

When you are working on remodeling your home, there are so many things you can do! You may want to make a list of all the things you’d like to have done and then prioritize the list into items that have to be done right away, those that need to be completed soon, and the things that can wait for a while.

Create a Budget

Whether you have a few small things that need to be changed or you want to do a whole-home renovation, you need to know how much money you have available to spend on the project. Some of the big-ticket items will be the amount you pay a contractor to do the job and the materials needed for it. Of course, things like permits cost money and can take time, too. If your contractor works with a DOT permit expeditor, you may be able to get started sooner rather than later.

Shop Around for a Contractor

Unless you do remodeling for a living, you are going to need to hire someone who does. Get at least three bids and be sure to ask questions. Don’t just take the reviewers’ words for things. You should ask directly about how long it will take, when the contractor could actually start, and what the cost will be. Be sure to find out if they will be taking care of permits for construction or driveway repair so you are sure everything is being done properly.

No matter what type of repairs or revisions you are making, having someone who knows what they are doing can give you peace of mind. Then, when it’s all completed you can sit back and enjoy it.

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