Disaster preparedness

I got these bits of disaster preparedness info from Senator Dick Gordon during an interview with him with other fellow health reps in 2005 during the book launching of World Disasters Report 2005. I hope this helps like the post that I share here.

1. Color signage in every post to indicate when people should evacuate their houses.

• Yellow indicates evacuation
• Red residents should go on top of their roof   (help will arrive)

2. In times of calamity people should be able to learn how and where to get help.

3. Barangay Disaster Action Teams should be created in different areas nationwide to immediately respond to calamity victims.

• Practice – refer to disaster response drill
• Predicting – a disaster, terrorist attack, etc.
• Cope and Mitigate – coping with the disaster and
then mitigating the impact of the disaster, relieving food and
• Rehabilitation – raise house, help find job

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