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Surviving ‘Til Christmas Morning

It is a few more days before Christmas and I bet a lot of the little ones are quite excited to open all their gifts and presents on Christmas morning. So while entertaining your tot who is mulling over whether Santa will bring him his secret Christmas wish this year, and apart from being incredibly busy, what else keeps you occupied in between shooing the kids from sneaking under the tree while no one’s looking to peek at one of their gifts? Updating you blog or staying online late at night to keep abreast with current events? Or online bingo sites perhaps?

If you are a full-time working mom who keeps a healthy balance between a 9 to 5 job and running your household, chances are you are probably swamped by now. Since there are still a number of things to worry about after having finished your Christmas shopping and wrapping all your entire brood’s gifts, a major headache is probably underway. There are probably numerous children’s Christmas parties to attend to which you have to insert to your already-full itinerary. Or you most definitely have got the Christmas Eve dinner to worry about, too. Before you go bonkers on deciding which food and meal to prepare or which dessert to serve your annual guests, maybe you can take a few breather and escape to a brief and quiet me-time, just to unwind and relax. You might find respite in one of those online games, just try not to be that much competitive lest the otherwise harmless and something-just-to-pass-away-the-time activity turns out into another chore you have to finish.

Surviving the Christmas season while raising children is a quite feat and you can get away with flying colors as long as you stay on top of the situation and refuse to be overwhelmed by it. Organize, make a list, delegate if you must. Am sure you will always find a better way of doing things and going your way around.

Safe toys for your little ones

If you are planning to buy toys as Christmas gift for your young children and godchildren, please read this safety tips first before heading to your favorite department store.

Characteristics of a good toy:

  1. Suitable to the child’s physical capabilities, mental and social development;
  2. Appealing and interesting to the child; and
  3. Well constructed, durable and safe for the child’s age.

Do’s and Dont’s in Toy Safety:

  1. Check labels on the packaging and observe precautions appearing in the labels to ensure the safety of the child;
  2. Ensure that the child will play with a toy suited for his age under adult supervision;
  3. Dispose plastic packaging accordingly. Keep it out of reach of children;
  4. For children under age three (3), do not buy the following toys:
  • balls with a diameter of 1.75 inches or less so as to prevent choking;
  • that easily breaks into small parts or pieces (glass or brittle plastics);
  • containing small detachable parts or pieces which could become lodged in the throat;
  • with sharp points and edges;
  • with electrical parts, unless supervised by an adult;
  • with parts that could pinch or entrap fingers, toes or hair;
  • with parts put together by straight pins, sharp wires or nails that are exposed and easily detached. (http://www.doh.gov.ph/)

Aside from this safety tips, please be wary about toys that may contain lead paint. Sometimes mommies tend to pick more colorful toys because they appeal to the eyes of very young children. But, we must be aware that some colorful toys may contain lead-based paint that could pose serious health problem to children.

An epa approved lead test kit can help you detect lead-free toys. The kit contains lead test swabs that instantly alerts consumers to the presence of lead in consumer products.

Lead can cause irreversible damage to the nerve, kidney, heart and reproductive system. Lead poisoning is often fatal to children.

Just to show you how serious lead poisoning is the US FTC recalled at least 20 million toys containing poisonous lead in 2008.

For local inquiries about toys safety please call the Bureau of Health Devices and Technology (BHDT)-Department of Health at 743-8301 local 3408 or at 711-6824.