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Criteria in selecting candidates for the 2016 elections


Have you decided whom you will vote this coming May elections? Have you tried to research about your bet or at least study their background provided on the Internet or shown by different TV networks? Take a few minutes to look at these criteria and see if any matches your candidate.

By the way, the list is part of the Voters’ Guidelines issued by the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption to its members nationwide for the May 2007 election.

I hope you will consider the following criteria when selecting your candidate for the May 2016 Elections. 

  1. No record complaint of heinous crime cases such as drug trafficking, kidnapping and rubout, massacre and murder and even Plunder;
  2. No record of human rights violations;
  3. No record/complaint or information of serious manhandling due to drunkenness;
  4. Not invoked in syndicated corruption either in public or private practice;
  5. Not owning businesses/financial assets or properties abroad acquired from possibly laundered money;
  6. No record of abuse against women’s rights

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


President-Elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III will officially assume office shortly after his inauguration on June 30. Filipinos have high hopes that he will bring the much needed change in the bureaucracy and lead millions of Pinoys to a better life in the face of economic problem. I know this is not possible to happen in his first 100 days in office. But let’s hope his anti-corruption drive – will remain one of the priorities in the next six years of his term.

By having a better life means more local jobs to be created for everyone. Millions of Filipinos are in dire need of a decent job to support themselves and their families…I’m sure you have an idea about the social and health issues attach or synonymous to unemployment… Just pinning my hope to what this new government can bring about. P. Noy or President Noy, promised to address corruption and all sorts of problems in the government. Let’s wait and see.

image from noynoy.ph