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Activities that will keep the kids busy and earning this summer

Kids can do a lot of interesting things this summer besides playing computer games most of the day. They can actually sell their old stuff like books and toys and other things that they don’t need but can be of use to other kids in the neighborhood.

If your kids love to help in preparing snacks at home, they can turn this interest into money-generating project like selling lemonade and snacks in front of their house.

Or, if your kids love to draw, they can be a part time cartoonists (like what my kids are doing this summer). You can always think of worthwhile activities to do during vacation.

How about you, what are the things that keep your kids busy this summer.

Summer activities we’ve missed

Sickness prevented my kids from doing some activities last summer. My daughter was looking forward to attend an art class. And my son even plan to go swimming. We were supposed to check if the nearby swimming pool has improved facilities or if pool lifts has been installed. Those plans were never realized as both kids got sick with dengue fever. They were hospitalized and our meager resources were badly affected. Although there were some financial blessings, the amount was set aside for their enrolment. Other plans, including swimming and art classes have to be put aside.

But despite what happened to us the kids were able to spend their summer vacation productively. Computer, books, movies, and drawing materials save them from boredom.