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Busy, busy me!

It’s going to be another busy week for me. I’ll be working on another translation job again. Thanks to our boss who never ceases to send us projects. She knew how bad I want this work. It’s not an easy job though I spend most of my waking hours translating English words to Filipino. For this latest job, I was only given until Nov. 5 to submit the final copy.

I have to work real hard to meet my deadline even if it means working overnight to complete my research on adult acne treatments. Meantime, I have to take a few minutes break because my eyelids are getting heavier as the minutes passed by. I think I need another cup of strong coffee to keep me awake. Do you want some? 🙂

Finally it’s over

It’s been a week since we submitted the last file from the third batch of project entrusted to us by our project manager. Hubby and I can heave a sigh of relief now that it’s over. We can sleep as long as we want on weekends without having to worry about deadlines. Haha! Wish we have a pool or a patio where I can lay and relax my aching back on big outdoor pillows. I want to experience a life like that even for a while. 😀

Just an update

I’m happy that I’m half-way through our project. I still have a couple of days to finish the second batch and another day to proofread the copy of the first batch. One more batch to translate and proofread and I’m hopefully done with it. It’s been a month since hubby and I started the localization project. We are thankful to our former office mate for giving us this opportunity and for being patient with us for extending the days for us to complete the first batch…I’ll go back to work now…I hope to do my regular blog hopping soon. Bye!  🙂